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Perfectly Custom vs. Perfectly Inspired: Ordering Options FAQ

Beret Walsh

Bullyflop Collars offers one-of-a-kind (really!), custom tooled leather dog collars – And two ways to order them. We’re often asked to clarify differences between the two options, so without further ado… Here are some frequently asked questions & answers to help make sense of it all.

Are Perfectly Inspired collars different than Perfectly Custom collars?

In short, no. No matter the option chosen, every collar is individually designed & constructed specifically for your dog using premium leathers & hardware. No matter the option chosen, every collar is one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated. The difference lies in the design process – Not the final product.

So what’s the difference between the Perfectly Custom & Perfectly Inspired design processes?

With the Perfectly Custom option, after a thorough discussion about what you’re looking for in your collar’s design, you are presented with a full color digital proof of the tooled collar design for approval before the collar is made. If you want to make changes, adjustments, etc., the design will be modified as much as is necessary until you’re satisfied with and approve the final product.
When using the Perfectly Inspired option… We also start off with a consultation about your style, your dog’s style, theme idea(s), color preferences, etc… And then I get to work. We bypass all the in-between stuff involved with the Perfectly Custom process and skip straight to the collar. You are not shown design(s) for preapproval, and so the final result ends up being a bit of a surprise based on the artist’s interpretation of our design consultation.

What’s the difference between how the orders are placed for each option?

When ordering via the Perfectly Custom option, you will pay a deposit of $120.00 to initiate the design process. Once you have approved the final design, you will be sent an invoice for the remaining balance of the total price of the collar, plus shipping. Once that final invoice is settled, the collar will be made.
When ordering via the Perfectly Inspired option, you will pay for the collar in full up front, plus shipping.

Which option is faster?

Typically, but not always, collars ordered using the Perfectly Inspired option will end up being finished a bit sooner. This is because we skip the steps of making a presentation-quality design proof and we skip the potential back-and-forth of making any changes to the design. However, wait times for collars ordered via either option will vary based on the individual design and most notably, current workload.

Which option is less expensive? Why are the prices different?

The Perfectly Inspired option will typically cost about $80 less than ordering via the Perfectly Custom option. This option is less expensive because it saves us a fair amount of work preparing the design & patterns, and because it gives us the opportunity to be a bit more flexible when tooling & coloring the collars – And so that same savings is passed along to you. We still make a full pattern and thoroughly plan out all collars ordered via the Perfectly Inspired option – But we save time skipping the extra steps involved with producing (and possibly re-doing and re-drawing) a full color digital rendering.    

Which option should I choose?

That decision is entirely up to you! If you are very particular about the collar looking a very certain way, or would prefer to know what the final product will look like ahead of time, then you’ll likely want to consider the Perfectly Custom option. If you’d like to let the artist have some freedom and are okay with (or really love the idea of) the end result being a bit of a fun surprise, than you should consider the Perfectly Inspired option.

In the end, no matter which option you choose, you will have with a collar designed & built for your dog and your dog only, carefully and skillfully crafted with love.