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Bullyflop Collar Care 101

Beret Walsh

Proper Use

We get a lot of questions about what situations are suitable for a Bullyflop collar. One of the easiest ways to sum this up would be a quick metaphor: Think of our collars as the high end dress shoes of the dog collar world. The materials are top notch, the construction is strong and trustworthy but, they’re expensive and intricately crafted items - care should be taken to keep them looking their best. You wouldn’t go fly fishing or play in a mud puddle wearing Louboutins – Your dog shouldn’t go to the dog park or swimming wearing one of our collars. While we take measures to add some level of water resistance, our collars are not waterproof. Excessive abrasion and water exposure will compromise the carving and the coloring. These collars are not meant to replace your dog’s everyday, rough and tumble around-the-house collars – these are those special occasion pieces that you treat with care to cherish and enjoy for years to come.

That said, the construction is strong. You can trust that our collars will hold up to even the biggest dogs lunging, pulling, etc. However, it’s ultimately your responsibility to determine the most appropriate equipment for any given situation.

They should absolutely be used and loved regularly, but in situations where its appropriate to do so!  Bullyflop collars ARE perfect for leash walks, field trips out in public, dog expos, dog shows & trials, holiday parties, photoshoots, those days your dog just want to feel special... You get the idea! 

Proper After-Care

Your collar has a vegetable-tanned carved leather upper panel, mounted to a latigo leather base – Each type of leather needs to be treated a bit differently. Unlike the construction of the rest of the collar, the screws attaching the panel to the base are not locked, which allows you to unscrew the panel from the base for cleaning.

Before we go into how to care for your new collar, know that you don’t have to go it alone. For the life of your collar, you may send it back to us for complimentary  touch ups, cleanings, and refinishing. All we ask is that you pay the shipping costs.

Your collar will come to you cleaned and fully conditioned, but should be routinely cared-for over the course of its life. The latigo leather base may be cleaned & conditioned using a great number of different leather products – Look for those specifically designed to clean & condition horse tack, and follow the instructions given. We use and recommend Fiebings Aussie conditioner, which you can find on Amazon or most equine tack supply carriers.  

The carved top panel should not be conditioned. If it gets dirty, we recommend cleaning gently with warm water and a soft cotton cloth. Our panels are sealed with a topcoat to protect the color underneath. If you want to reapply this clear coat yourself over the life of your color, we recommend a light application of Saddle-Lac.

Remember, we’re always here to help. If you have questions, need help, advice, etc…. Just ask!