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On Instagram Influencers & Working for Exposure

Beret Walsh

We have the utmost love, respect & appreciation for our customers – from those excitedly making their first purchase to those who continually come back to support us.

We also recognize that these collars are not inexpensive, and often not purchased on a whim. For many, they have meticulously saved and planned in order to make this purchase – And for this, we are eternally grateful.

It is because of this respect for these amazing supporters AND our own respect for our work that we do not send off free pieces to “Instagram influencers”, “dog models” or the like. However, we are asked to do so daily – And every time, we refuse.

Every collar is the product of hours upon hours of careful work. From design to construction – This can mean that upwards of 20-40 hours of love and care goes into each piece. Not to mention the cost of premium quality materials, business upkeep, etc.. Every time we are asked to work for free in exchange for a modicum of “exposure” or a conditional social media “review”, it indirectly devalues both our work and the commitment shown by our customers who respect our work enough to pay for it.

We firmly believe that if our work can’t speak for itself through the lens of our loyal customers, then we need to work harder to improve our product – not buy visibility. 

There seems to be this pervasive and offensive idea that creative professionals in myriad disciplines do not deserve to be fairly compensated for their time and skills. The belief is that, somehow, the honor of perceived "exposure" for providing a skilled service should be compensation enough, and we should be grateful for even that. 

On behalf of ourselves, creative professionals everywhere, and our amazing customers who truly value our work - No, we will not work for free. And rest assured that if we were to ever feel so inclined, it would be those same dedicated, supportive customers alone who would reap the benefits.